What secret lies beneath the rule?

In a society such as mine that runs on logic and science, what do you do if someone comes to you with a simple statement “I think I saw a ghost.”? What would you say? Most of the people will say something like:
“You’re just imagining.”
“Lay off the booze, bub.”
“I think I saw Angelina Jolie as well, but not sure, tho~”
“Who cares about ghost? I saw your mom, dude!!”
“Ghost is just a manifestation of a disturbed mind, it actually begins *blah blah blah* … “

And most probably you will surrender to the rule #1 in modern and scientific society. There are no ghost. Here are some picture I took last Sunday afternoon in a secluded area.

It is most probably a case of homicide, not suicide.

What we know about the crime scene is very minimum, however the weapon that is used is a normal kitchen knife, and he/she is not so old and on foot, most probably a case of murder with no previous planning before since the method is harsh and dirty.

The forensic return empty handed, the gloves dosn’t point to anything but a brutal murder case.

The stain on the glove is such a mess that the glove turn red due to the blood. So obviously, the culprit is a first time soon to be serial killer.

And of course, rule #1: There are no ghosts.

Rule #1 writing… If I were to make a conclusion, that would be referring to something like…

… keep on scrolling…

Tadaaaaa…. Yep, it’s just a prop for the new movie called Rule #1, played by Shawn Yue, Ekin Cheng, Fiona Xie, and Stephanie Che. Okay, the prop was obviously a fake, and it is being displayed at Vivo City, hahaha, secluded? Well yeah, considering that time no one is there, so the place is pretty much quiet. Hahahaha. Even though the prop is fake, the question that I ask is real.

Anyway, this movie is about how a police department handles so-called X-files in a way so that once it is really unsolved, they can bring in Mulder and Scully. Hahahaha… Seriously, what this department do is just come and try to “explain” scientifically about strange occurrences which is actually ghost apparition. This movie is good in a way that they can mix supernatural sleuth and ghost chase. Shawn and Ekin however is not much of a Ghostbusters themselves, so yeah, the ghost give it’s best and they do had it rough. So, my conclusion is, this is an entertaining movie. Lots of surprising scene, and the idea behind the movie is what makes this movie eerie.

If you’re easily scared and tend to think about the movie even after the movie has ended, watch Horton instead, hahahaha. Now, I won’t give too much spoiler, but still, this question remains, what would you do if ghosts do exist…?

See ya… oh, and that guy on the corner… he’s not real. *smiles*

Update: One guy saw this prop at plaza singapura and got scared. Then he blame the prop for being too scary. HAHAHAHAHA… scaredy cat. And he’s a dude… >_< Oh my oh my… it's not that u can't be afraid, it's just don't chicken out then blame it on the prop. It's a horror movie, for pete sake… do you think putting mickey mouse with his wizard suit is more suitable?


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