Gundam Ryusei Oh: The Finishing

Okay, so, we pick up where we left… after assembling the head and the body, of course time to attach the arm and leg. In fact, this gundam is very simple, that the arm is only one piece -_______-; But still okay considering the fact that this gundam is cute, hahahaha.

Tell me, I’m handsome, mon cheri, ain’t I handsome, mon cheri…?

This version of gundam is basically armor based, means after you assemble the main body, you can put the armor on or just leave it be and become the basic gundam. Or you can put it partially, just like in the comic strip where he actually take of his helmet to show his identity like this:

My name is Oh, Ryusei Oh… water please, shaken, not stirred… wait, don’t shake… just pour it… and one fried banana, please…

Then of course, if you want to equip the whole armor…

There’s no rest for a handsome good guy, mon cheri… SHOUCHAKU!!!

Now this gundam is kinda special due to the fact that this gundam have beast mode. The beast mode can be activated just by turning the beast face to front, then putting the claw in his hand… I haven’t put the beast mode yet since I want to show it later with the others…. but anyway, here is the beast face:

Talk to my back! Coz the face wouldn’t listen!!!

And that’s it… on Gundam Ryusei Oh is finished… All I can do now is to paint the round thingy on the side, dry it up and all… Anyway, c ya! Ciao!


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