Gundam Ryusei Oh

Isnt this model adorable, hahaha… I just got this sent directly from Japan due to the absence of the current model in SIngapore. (still didn’t manage to get my hand on Onmitsu tho~ T_T)

In fact this Gundam is based on another gundam which is…

ain’t I look similar?

So, in fact since this is considered an SD version of the original Gundam, the modeling instruction is so very simple. That’s why in the website, they say you can just put the pieces together while watching tv. Hahahahaha. Curious about the manual? Here goes:

So simple you can let kids try to assemble it together

Now if you want to see how it looks like once it is assembled, I actually do a two or three steps in assembling this SD.

Step one: you say we need to talk~ umm… not that.
Assembling it. Means simply put the pieces together and that’s all. Nothing fancy, nothing much. Just clip it together and resulting in:

Hello, I can see you… ^_^v

However, the lining on his face doesn’t show at all T_T

Step two: mix the egg into the mixture o_O Oh wow, baking show… *watch*
Lining. Normally I would do lining before painting. That’ll give me the edge. No really, edge, as in literally edge. Huh? No, nothing fancy. Really the edge. I’m using a Gundam Marker with a fine tip so that when I lost my way, I can redeem myself using a tissue… yeah… fine tip tissue… anyway, lining will resulted in:

Now you can see me clearly tsoo.(ref. Memoirs of a Geisha)

Usually step 3 will consist of coloring using either paint or marker, but I won’t go that way… coz I have sumthin to do, hahahaha…. Anyway, to sum it all up, let me show you how the head rest upon the body…

Now isn’t this nice… if only I have hands and legs as well…

Well, this post is just to introduce new topic in my blog about SD Gundam, hahahahaha… See ya. Gtg. Ciao.


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