14022008 – Today…

I just remembered to say…

Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate, may this year brings you all good fortune and all that good stuffs they use to say during Chinese New Year. (hint: related to a certain McDonald’s Meal… -_-; )

And also about..

Valentine’s day. Well… Yeah. Nvm.

I had soy bean milk…

Which tastes nice… I also eat the pancake since it comes as a whole set. The seller keeps talking using Mandarin, and since it’s still morning and the caffeine haven’t really kicked in, all I did was answering her questions in English, hahahaha, sorry auntie… next time I’ll drink coffee first before buying soy bean milk o_O??

There’s a guy gawking…

At ladies crossing the street. The funny thing is, he’s riding a motorcycle, and he’s gawking until his helmet is blur on the mouth side. And the ladies are nothing much, really. Not that they’re not beautiful or that, what I meant was, the ladies just look normal. And he gawk at them. Which I find it rather impolite.

Wanna know another impoliteness that me and my cousin experienced. Staring. It’s impolite to stare at people for a long time, putting a frown like you’re looking for a fight and do nothing. Same thing like scanning, I hate when people scan all the time. Once is fine, coz probably you’re looking for a topic or a praise (“Hey, nice hair, new shoes, cool pants there…”) or you’re noticing that he/she wears a bluetooth device and not really talking to you. (based on true story by my colleague. d’oh.) Well, anyway, yeah, don’t stare, don’t gawk, and don’t scan at people. For. Too. Long. Short term probably still okay, coz sometimes you really find those funny or peculiar or beautiful things around but keep it at minimum timing. Geez.

Gundam Throne Eins released.

Ah well, that’s all. See ya.


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