My Mentor Quest

Hmmm… how many of you recall that during the 2004, I was a mentor? At that time I was participating in an event called the New Student Acceptance… NSA???? Ummm… lemme use the Indonesian term instead… Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru. At that event, I was assigned… (which in reality I was the one who’s registering myself :p ) as a mentor to a group of students from the class 2004. How are you all, Klez?

Anyway, I’m not gonna talk about those times. Let Baygon be Baygon, rite? What I’m tryin to say here is, in real life, sometimes I’m the one looking for a mentor. Probably a mentor have different meaning for different people.

Mentor(man-thor o_O?? ): (n.)an experienced person that can serve as a one’s guidance in life; dude who always treats ya lunch; dude who always treats ya dinner; heck, he’s payin… ; boyfriend; parents; siblings; dogs.

In real life, sometimes u bump into some trouble and u feel that the problem is very difficult to handle. (ranging from where to lunch decision to life altering decision) And when the problem strikes n u’re in a pinch, don’t u wanna reach out and hope someone’ll help u? So, have u found your mentor?

Well, dunno bout the others, me and my two cents, signing out.


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