My Stylus

Okay, here’s my story. I have a Dopod 900 and I lost the stylus. Long story short, I went to Orchard to buy a new one. (and there’s a good fact that I’m working at Orchard for this week…) Anyway, I know that there’s a Best Denki here at orchard, so I decided to go there to look for my stylus.

By the time I reach the mobile phone counter, not a single soul was there. So I did what a meerkat would do I look around. And again, not a single soul was in sight accept for one guy who is busy arranging things, and he’s from a printer company anyway. So I decided, “hey, let’s go to the mp3 player counter and ask a bit.”

Me: “Excuse me, I’m looking for a PDA stylus.”
Promoter: “I’m sorry sir, I’m not the promoter.”
Me: Well, surprise, surprise, wow wee… “Okay, but I can’t find the correct promoter coz the counter is empty there.”
Promoter: (look at the counter)”Wait sir, I’ll check wif my supervisor.” (look for supervisor)”…”(look around once more)
Me: (Sonic waiting pose…)
Promoter: “Or sir, u can check wif our customer service over here.”
Me: “… Ok …” Now that’s what I called a meerkat moment…

Okay, so I decided to go to the customer service.

Me: “Hi excuse me, I’m looking for a PDA stylus.”
CSO: “A what, sir?”
Me: … can anyone spell omen?“You know, stylus, the thing to write or tap on your PDA the pen-like accessories.”
CSO: “Oh I see, hold on a minute, sir.”
Me: I notice that Omen is similar to Oh, man….
CSO: (talking to some random not-mobile-phone promoter)”Sir, u can go to that area and find the IT promoter.”
Me: I assume it’s the guy with a big IT sign on his forehead?“Okay, thanks anyway.”

I kindly return to my original point… still… not a single soul promoter… there’s one child playing 360 and got beaten to a pulp, tho… but still, not a single promoter. Then, I left. (peacefully, of course, not a single soul harmed… thankfully)

Well, all and all, I’m quite disappointed. It’s not like I’m asking for donation or some sort, and my intention was to spend money at that store. So, I’m disappointed coz their service is lousy unlike their brothers and sisters at Vivo or Plaza Singapura.

Well, anyway, this is just my two cents, and I still don’t have my stylus, but certainly, I won’t look at the same place twice. See ya.


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