240108 – Yesterday, I saw…

One auntie was screaming at the ticket counter.

Euh… let’s leave her at that… the point of my post does not revolve around that anyway. Coz my point of discussion is more on what she said very often. A two words that says “I thought…”. One of my senior said “WHY DO U TAKE OFF YOUR YELLOW JACKET???” … ahem, not that… there was another one that said “Assumption is one step towards destruction.”. That’s one helluva sentence. And that’s the thing. Sometimes we argue for sumthin that we don’t really know 100%, we just assume that we know a lot about it. This is a story happenin in Jakarta December 2007…

One sunny day when I want to buy breakfast,
’twas a day or two I think after Christmas,
One group of family frolicking to the mall,
Noticing the car barrier that may fall,
The Mother said, “Let’s use the car way”
And pass by happily even the kids said “No way.”
The barrier fall and down it goes,
And struck the mom whose doing ugly pose,
The mom fell down and the family fell shock,
The barrier stand still and return to it’s dock.

One fact is there’s a small sign there (around 1m x 1m) that more or less says, “USE THIS SIDE, DUDE!” Okay, probably not so much like that… But u just gotta know about that, rite? Just like in those horror movies, some of the victim implicitly put a sign on the forehead that says “Kill me, it’ll be fun.” You can’t just assume it’ll be safe to pass by just because it looks harmless.

Up to this point of thought, the auntie still argue with some guy about her assumption that it’s okay to tap her ez-link than wait for more than 6 seconds to past the gate. (she’s busy inserting her card into the wallet, then the wallet into the purse, then put the purse on the shoulder, fix the shirt, then the gate already closed by then =.=; )

My old blog.

I used to have this blog filled with my emotions and all that. Coz that’s what my perception of a blog. Blog is a diary. Diary is for you to write your feelings, despair, love, joy, and reminder.. probably… okay, I do write reminder on my diary and put diary on my reminder… don’t ask. But nowadays, I’m kinda lazy to update my blog especially if all I do is criticize things. (even tho that can be fun in the most cynical way.. hie hie hie…) And if I don’t criticize, all you’ll see is probably just:

Captain log update:
How do you spell relieve? F-A-R-T (taken from some stickers)

Yeah, in the need of an inspiration at the moment… Probably gotta watch some of those comedy movies more often… Or just joke around more. rite?

Anyway, that’s it for now. See ya.


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