220108 – Today on the MRT…

One guy panting for 15 minutes or so

I thought he was gonna pass out…

I was getting ready to move aside. 0_0

Couple of PSP-Salaryman

That’s what I call employee who wears tie then take the MRT and play PSP. I’m not included of course, since I don’t wear tie. XD Anyway, been lookin out for these guys and what they’re doin. Actually among total of 4 PSPs this morning…

1 dude playin Disgaea. (that’ll be me and my ninjas, hhahahahahaha)
1 dude playin some button mashing game -> coz that’s what he did with his PSP, either playing game or he’s a button-stress-persistency-against-irresponsible-gamer tester
1 dude playing some racing game. (and his head goes along with the car’s movements, lol)
and 1 dude was watching some anime that looks cute. And he wasn’t.

Hahaha. Most of them gone at Tanjong Pagar, tho… While I’m still continuing the journey to Lavender.

One empty seat.

Seriously, there’s one empty seat in front of my right that’s empty for one station. 0_0 I think people find it suspicious that no one wants to sit there. Actually the case is my area was filled with young and aspiring people who is ready to work… Delete that aspiring thingy. And the ready thingy… heck they look like they brought their bed to work. ~.~ Anyway, since it’s still morning, probably people prefer to stand than sit. P-r-o-b-a-b-l-y. For my case, is because I’m too busy with my gaming and decided not to sit AND play games while probably there’s someone in need of a sitting spot, alone, in the corner, playing violin with dark clouds above his head… enough.

Well… Finally… After that station pass by… I take the seat. HAHAHAHAHAHA…. >_< Of course after doing a thorough checking for my environment by using my super-sensory-bit-greater-than-earth-worm eye. ~.~d

Well… just sharing what happen. Was going to update with a Kamen Rider story but… nvm… hmm… *whistles*

One Trivia: the dude that played Wing Knight on KR Dragon Knight, STOP WHISPERING DAMMIT! … AND IT’S KAMEN, NOT COMMON RIDER! But cool fight, bro. Happy for ya. 0_0

That’s it for now… see ya.


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