210108 – Yesterday and today in my view. So… I saw…

A couple of lovers on a bus…

Sounds like another love story? No. So, straight to the point, after a while on the bus, which is like 15 seconds or so, the girl decided that it will be romantic idea if she can sleep on the boy’s lap while the boy caress her soft hair… Lemme throw a chair. Well, anyway, whaddaya think? You know that room in geylang will only cost u little for an hour. You can do caress-thingy, romantic hug-thingy, and then… @#$!!$@#-thingy … and eat, of course..

But. Not. On. The. Bus. Especially when the bus is as crowded as a sardine can. The problem with how adept u are seeing other people around you standing is considered okay by me by now, coz anyway, at that time, the standing crowd looked pretty much strong enough to stand Jakarta-Bandung. It’s just a matter of decency on how people look at you when you’re doin it.

Acrylic Paint.

Cool thing at the moment for me… I do some painting during weekend. Do I do monet? Van Gogh? Beethoven? Wait… not B-man, definitely. I paint my Gundam… Tried on the SD Sengokuden series first. hopefully the result will be nice. Otherwise, I’ll just paint some picasso using few colors only. Probably I can sell it to buy McDonald or so. Well, anyway, I had a very good advice from the workshop guy.

Me: Eh… should I buy something to erase if let’s say I paint wrongly?
Workshop Guy: Well, just be sure, coz usually that happens when you think you will paint it wrong.
Me: Ho~ Can I get a discount?
WG: No.

So, I did end up making mistakes… but of course, I do minimum mistakes and eventually it is undoable, hahahaha… Btw, thanks as well to Ninja who helped me to regain my confidence to dip it directly to the jar. Yosh! Dip Dip Pata Dip… sharks… damn Patapon.

Shinn Asuka

Sharks… that Gundam Seed Destiny apparently have some seiyuu that I recognized, for example Ryutaros’ seiyuu played as Shinn Asuka, and also the one and only our lovable Momotaros is playing as Rey… La… euh… Bru…zel or… Za… Burell… -_-; Akh, anyway, that character… which brings me an idea of naming my future kid some name that is unique… coz my enemy slot is already filled with the regular name 😡

Well, anyway, that’s it I supposed for today. Not much… Oh, and if anyone recognized this name I mention, Danny Hermanto and Gideon that’s SMAK 1 alumni class 2002. Please pass them a message of hi from me. (kinda feel like missing person announcement… =.=; )



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