080108 – Today on the MRT…

Two people fightin’ …
Okay… so, people don’t usually the friendly type of guys in the morning. But dude, ya don’t have to make a big fuzz and shout on the train… There’s always another way to disturb other people… Anyway, here’s what happen. When you’re at the train during the morning rush and peak hour, looking at the rush which is more terrifying than Resident Evil, it is a wise decision to not read a newspaper unless you have unimaginably strong grip and you can fold the paper to a small piece. Now what happen if you’re reading a newspaper is you have to spread your armpit. Possible outcome:

  • If you’re not wearing any deodorant and or smell like a dead rat, then it’s like opening a Pandora’s box. Filled with smelly what nots, of course.
  • If you’re standing in a crowded area, then the people will have a good look on your elbow. Now unless you’ve installed 14″ HDTV blu-ray enabled flat screen there, people won’t be too grateful about it.
  • If there’s an emergency brake and your hand is opening too wide, there’s a chance of you going jackie chan on someone’s face and create a fight on the train.
  • See? Things happen. You’ll never know.

    One pretty lady almost gone pancake…
    Okay, this is one of those positioning things that we all need to know on the train. If you do some theater training before, then you would know there’s this thingy called blocking. Blocking is one important aspect of not covering your comrade’s face with your tushy just because your mom is sitting on the front row. It is also how you position nicely in the crowd so that your position will bring balance to the society. Hmmm…. that one sounded more like a mind meditation mumbo jumbo. Anyway, it is wise to know what’s on your back before you decided to back up on people.

    Well, that’s that. See ya. Be considerate.


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