My First Post

(after a while, that is…)

Yeah, so I post again. (wow, some grammar, there, bay…) I usually hesitate to post, that’s why I never update this page o’ mine. The process usually goes like this:

  • blogger got an inspiration
  • blogger sits in front of his slow-but-free-due-to-his-employee-status computer
  • blogger opens (or other site for blogging or government immigration site if you want to write complaints without getting any answer)
  • blogger writes a tiny bit
  • blogger receive a PMS (Plan Messed-up Syndrome) / SMS (you sure know SMS rite ? “baaang SMS siaapaaa ini baaaaang“, weird song…) / other blockage in certain brain-for-blog part
  • blogger decided not to post and say to himself : Wait I must, right time it is not. 
  • To pee, I need.

yeah, that quite sums it up. Now, If you wanna know, I’m having the lets-stop-blogging attack myself quite a lot while writing this. So, yeah, life’s been pretty rough for my blog.

Anyway, anywhoo, I currently don’t have a lovelife to share, don’t have a life I want to share, 
just bein me day by day…

Well, I believe this will be my post today. I don’t really know what to write anymore… nor I have the desire to keep on posting even tho it is nothing but chicken crap and monkey a*s. See ya.


5 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. ah, loe pasti tidak menemukan text-field untuk mengisi judul ya, coba liat2 di setting ntar ada option “Show Title” ato semacamnya *lupa gw* biar munculin tuh text-field…

  2. jp: blogger see the blogger see other people around playing DotA and then end up not to finish the post

    mitzi: i’m not having trouble writing it, I’m having trouble starting to write it. How are you, anyway ?

    joe: serius lo ?? Gw cari2 d… thx, joe, you’re my bro, yo ! (apa sih ?!?)

  3. me? Should be fine =P
    long time no see ya?
    baru sadar kalo mister yang satu ini dah lama bener wisudanya, hummm, dua wisuda terakhir daku sedang tidak di depok -_-“

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