My Expensive Dinner

Just got an idea. I wanna talk about this cafe called de La Rossa.
I went there a while ago with my cousin and my sister. Our first impression was, “Wow, big door.”
Yeah, that’s a big door. Trust me. Big.
After they opened the big door, I can see the romantic atmosphere of the cafe. It was reeeeaaaally neat. Especially when we noticed the lake and the trees and the fog, it was a really astonishing sight, really astonishing that it took us around 10 seconds to realize that the lake is a pond, the tree is an everyday tree covered with lamps and the fog is actually an “abang-abang” spraying anti-Aedes Aegypti over the place. Yeah, the familiar “jambu-biji smell”

Anyway, after the long wow and the great hospitality, the waiter finally gave us our menu. And the moment of truth, 
ladies and gals… OMG ! The price is very OMG !
I can’t believe my eyes, An angel from the sky, oh, Ophelia… wait, wrong script.
I mean, the price is very high. I dunno for the high-class people, but for the middle and a bit-upper class, this pricing can give us the look you girls would just hate if your man look you straight in the eye and with a passionate, loving, caring voice saying, “I think my money is not enough. Do you mind if we pay our own meals ?”

So, me and my hommies decided to order just drinks and desserts. And we decided to eat at someplace else with pizza, of course. I love pizza. You can make me happy by giving me pizza. I love pizza more than euh… rice. And after a long talk and a short meal (dessert, gitu loh, helloooo), I decided to call on Mr. Bill. And look at the numbers… 140k ++ for just two cute itsy tweeny cake and drinks. And you know what ? That amount couldn’t even cover for the steak there.

All in all, here’s my verdict. This is a very nice cafe, great atmosphere, really romantic, trully fantastic, mr. bombastic. However, ya don’t really eat atmosphere right ? So, if ya thinkin bout takin yer g/f or b/f to here, that’s fine, or if ya wanna take someone ya like and propose there, that’s good. Afterwards, maybe you can find something to eat at other less-classy place.

Well, you know what they say, love is in the air, never in the food, tee hee…


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