The "Sidang"

Pal, I actually dunno what do they call “sidang” for internship in English… Let’s just name it as… hearing. What ? Ya got any objection ? Okay, how bout… Internship Hearing… No ? Not good ? Okay, let’s all sit down and settle at OJT Presentation. There. Happy now ?

Okay. Let’s talk bout OJT Presentation.

  • OJT: (v.) On The Job Training; time to practice what you’ve learned in combat field against real enemies…
  • Presentation: (v.) act of standing in front of smart guys trying to convince them that you’re … convincing.
  • OJT Presentation: (v.) mix the two definition above. I’m feelin kinda lazy to do so. Please elaborate, children… Any comment on that ? Haw haw haw…

Hey, so what’s about it ? Well, when you’re standing conducting your presentation, you can categorize the audience. CMIIW.

  1. Smart guys. Three of ’em. Not just one, but three. They’re highly trained for mouth-to-mouth combat and are not easily defeated just by saying “Yes, sir, I understand”. Plus, they determine your final score and have every right to butcher you silly ’til there’s nothing left of you to say “So, what is my score, sir ?”. (And they say The Ring is a horror…)
  2. Cheer-up guys. These guys will give ya moral support from the back even though maybe they don’t really understand what you’re trying to say in the front. Or maybe even they’re just there because they got nuthin to do than loitering around. Or in some case, they’re just there because… they’re there for no particular reason or whatsoever…
  3. Investigative guys. These guys will give ya the chills. Why ? Because they wanna see the worst of the presentation. They wanna see blood spilled, guts flyin around * eerie music starts*, heads rollin, body stabbed ! Okay, so that’s a bit hyperbolic * eerie music stops*. Anyway, these guys will characterize your tester to help them in their own presentation. Ya can help them and make them happy and satisfied tho… Just… be… euh… annoyingly dickhead.
  4. I’m-just-passin-by guys. These guys will awaken your conscience and open your mind so that you can question the reality in front of you in one simple question: “Who the hell is that ???”. Enough said.
  5. Mr. Asep. He’s a good distraction for the audience if only he come at the right time. Euh… he carries coffee and cookies ^_^
    Aaaaanyway, aaaanywhooo… A presentation is usually kinda fun to watch. It gives plenty of knowledge on how to think critically about scientific journals. (And how to kick someone’s a*s using merely questions.) For those of you who have done the presentation. Profisiat ^_^ For those of you who haven’t… Beware… No, no, I’m just kidding… Any comment on that ? Haw haw haw…

    So, that’s my update fer today. Ciao.


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