(judul ga jelas…)

Well, I must say I’m sorry for the delay in the update. (delay ?? Well, I’ll be damned…) A lot of things happened for the past few weeks. Lots of good things, lots of bad things too… Life.
So, what’s new ? Well… I will be graduating next February if there is no ‘aral melintang’. So, I’m looking for a job now. Actually there has been a thought that I wanted to rest for awhile after all that jazz. However, that would be unsuitable for me. Few weeks ago, people asked me, “So, whaddaya wanna do after graduatin’ ?” My answer: “Go to Waikiki.” (Or Honolulu…) But, that was just a joke, I wanna work and start makin’ money instead of blindly and massly spendin them. Daaaymn.

Okay, bout my social life ? Well, not much. I have a very lame reason for that. I’m busy. But… I do met a few childhood friends lately. Meg, Dit, Dith, Do, Li. Yup, initials. Love them. And lately seems to be a lot of people are re-establishin their connection with me. Conversation example:

X: Hi…
Me: Hi…
X: Who’s this ? when did we meet ?
Me: … I believe it was in some online games…
X: Ah, I see… so how are you now ?
Me: Well, whatever the game is, I’m not playin it again…
X: Crud…
Me: Yep… now, who r u ?

Short and deadly. Anyway, been hangin out with my childhood friends (who is apparently not that small anymore). And it’s fun. Away from the geeky life of computer science. Anyway, speaking bout computer science, read this conv.

Friend (female, beautiful, not available): So, what major r u in ?
Me: That would be Computer Science.
Friend: I see, my boyfriend is from Computer Science too… *smiles sweetly crushing my fragile conscience*
Me: Oh really… *trying not to focus on the boyfriend subject*
Friend: Computer Science people are usually geeks, right ? *still the same smile*
Me: *petrified* *thawed* No, not all of them… I’m not a geek (way to go, James Bond).
Friend: Really ? That’s good.
Me: Yeah…EOF

Well… dudes from comp sci, we’re geeks. Face it.

I’m runnin out of ideas. So, I’ll stop now. See ya around. Ttygl. (talk to ya guys later)


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