Number Three

Third blog. (fourth if you count the 360 thingy…) It’s Lebaran. (I know, no connection to the previous sentence or what so ever)

Yeah, it’s my third blog. Why I move so often ? Beats me, I really don’t know. If anything should be mentioned here, I suppose it’s because of the time needed to open blogdrive pages using my connection. Lame.

What happened in the past few weeks (or months ?) ? Nothing. I got more stressed, people are understanding me even less nowadays. The pressure is higher and so on so forth. I tried to keep smiling though… (I supposed not doing pretty well in the process T_T ) What’s the point of putting an all angry and dark face in front of everybody ?

I don’t really have anything to say right now. Yeah, I’ll fill here with something tommorrow. Gotta think about it first. See ya all.


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