Suddenly Post: Do we need a PS4?


Which is the answer. The reason being is because most likely I can’t afford it.

Wait wait wait wait waaiittt!!! Okay okay, let’s make this more interesting by supplying… dun dun dun dunnnnnn… reasons. *wink*

If any of you wondering on why am I suddenly back to posting stuffs, well that because my bro L, is posting this question before me. Do check him out on his blog right about here.


I remembered back in those days where I was walking at a mall, minding my own business, when suddenly I saw kids watching a car race on a TV. I still think it was a TV, until I realized one of the kids was having a seizure like in one of those Harlem Shake video thingy. And I realized, daaaayyyymn, that race was a game! 

Fast forward to 2013, Sony announced PS4 with way better graphic than PS3. 

Mmm…. How better?


Oh my gawd, it looks like a real angry bird!!!

Then you start to focus on graphics and I agree with Leon, the developers will focus on the graphic so much that we lose re-playability and story-line value. And also one point here is that we already have good graphics with PS3. Look at games like Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, LA Noire, and many more awesaum graphics games. Then look at games such as Need For Speed series after Underground. When they focus on story, the gameplay falls short, when they focus on graphic, the story falls short. Or Thousand Year War by Koei which gave me headache running across France on foot. Every. Single. Freakin’. Mission. (yes, i know they have horses. I like swords. it is cool. Swooordddssssss) So please, focus on gameplay and story. Look at Final Fantasy VII, Game Dev Story, or Disgaea. 


PlayStation Move

Nintendo Wii have their Wii-mote and Nunchuks. XBox have Kinect. And PlayStation have their famous PlayStation Move featuring their most famous game…. well…. none. Seriously, I can’t imagine how manly it is to play Resident Evil using those stick with a glowing ball at the end of it.


 At least, you have light. +2 dex -2 int

I’ll use my normal controller, thank you. And my teddy bear. TEDDY BEAR IS MANLY! For…. gaming companion… yeah…. carry on.


… Don’t we have it already? Like on every platform there is? Really? Carry on.


No. Just no. One fine day I was browsing my facebook trying to stalk… *ahem*…. monitor… some of my friends. And suddenly. *BAM* XXXXX invited you to play Something Rush. I was like, “What?” Then just like a minute afterwards XXXXXX found a carrot on XXXXVille!!! Wanna help? Hell no. I hate these invites, people. Please, if any of you were invited by me to play some games, just ignore or delete them. Unless I really need a rainbow farting unicorn. Please help me. Those things are dayum rare.

Anyway, my point is, nobody actually cares what games you’re playing unless they really care about you and if that’s the case then most likely they will ask you that question themselves instead of you shoving the info to their face.


I see you’re playing Cake Story. Charming.

My final take is this:

When Apple release iPhone 5, a lot of people was dumbfounded by the “improvement” that they made, because it was something…. well…. not revolutionary. But people will still buy it. What about PS4? I don’t know. I’ve seen what have become of Sega Saturn. Remember the fun games we used to play on Sega Saturn? No? Well neither did I. I was playing PSOne that time. Then came PS2. Naaaiissseee… then PS3, OMGOMGOMGOMGAWESAUM. So, what about PS4? With all the rants from people, I’m sure, there will still be people complaining on the internet while playing their Diablo 3 on their brand new PS4. But for me…. most likely I will stick to my PS3 or even move to XBox domain.

That’s it from me, L. Back to you. 🙂


Don’t do drugs, people!


Just a meaningless post here

Hey, guys… I was wondering for quite a while now… A blog is supposed to be for a log. Does that mean personal life are post-material as well? 

If that’s the case… How interesting it is to read someone else’s personal lives. Just curious here. Please comment 🙂 I will reply. Promiz. Really.





AFA 2009 Pics: Kamen Rider

And to wrap up Bandai, my favorite tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider…

SIC Series: (L-R) Kiva, Decade, Urataros, Den-O Climax Form, Zeronos Zero Form, Den-O Liner Form (too many Den-O, man…)

Fulfill the condition and you can get this limited edition T-Shirt with Ichigo from Kamen Rider Spirits on it for purchases of SICs.

SIC Kiwami Tamashii: (L-R)Knight, Ryuki, Todoroki, Zanki

SIC Kiwami Tamashii: (L-R)Faiz, Axel Faiz, Blaster Faiz, Auto-vajin

SH Figuarts

SH Figuarts as well… including Piccolo and Pretty whats-her-face…


Note: For a big franchise, the Kamen Rider displayed is so so so so so so little. Compared to last year as well, of course. WTH here?

AFA 2009 Pics: BAKUC

or Bandai Kit Universal Cup 😀

Sorry for the late update on the pics, guys… Been busy lately… Anyways

Exia, Astraea, 00 Gundam, Exia Battle Damage 😀

Zeon’s Awesomeness

Sangokuden series

Last but not least, Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode


Note: I find it that I only have a few photos on the BAKUC, but I remember I’ve taken all the BAKUC photos… Last year was more, apparently…

AFA 2009 Pics: The Little Warriors

BB Senshi Sangokuden:

gotta catch ’em all? 😀

BB Senshi Sangokuden Gaiden:

Umm, there was supposed to be more pics on this one, but the result is not so nice… gomen. m(_ _)m
This line is shorter than their counterpart (BB Senshi Sangokuden), and is depicting the side characters from the Three Kingdoms era such as Liu Shan, Ma Dai, Xu Zhu, etc.

BB Senshi Sangokuden:

Oda Nobunaga (1st pic), Uesugi Kenshin and Naoe Kanetsugu (2nd pic), Sanada Yukimura and Shingen Takeda (3rd pic).

Upcoming merchandises:


AFA 2009 Pics: The Big Guns

Well, here we have the Perfect Grades and the welcome statue of Gundam area…

This is the welcoming statue, when you first enter the AFA area.

RX-78 Gundam, MK II, and Zeta Gundam in all their Perfect Grade glory.

Strike Gundam, Wing Zero Custom, Zaku II, and Char’s Zaku.

New kids on the block, Astray Red Frame PG, and 00 Raiser. (which has just been released quite recently)

Still editing the rest, wait pls, hahaha… meanwhile do check on the other toy blogger links on the right side of my blog ^_^ C ya…

AFA 2009: Our initial “feedbacks”

In case you guys are not in the loop within Japanese culture world, in Singapore starting today ends tomorrow is Anime Festival Asia 2009. This is the second year that they actually have this kind of festival with the one being last year. (well, duh…) This festival’s goal is to… euh… *open site* celebrate all things related to Japanese animation and popular culture. *o* Yeah…

Anyway, I was there with my friend, and therefore today’s review will be done in two person view, with me and 00, of course 😀

Me: So my first impression when we first got in, there’s this really friendly guy from Bandai greeting us…

00: He’s doing the leaflet thingy, actually, eh?

Me: Yeah, the leaflet thingy… Anyway, my first impression of the AFA is actually kinda good, because I saw a biga*s Gundam statue. And anything with a Gundam is good news for me.

00: And the Gundam is actually kind of the main attraction there, Bandai is going all out on this Gundam thing. They set up this huge spot just to display all the Gundam merchandises and also for the BAKUC.

Me: Here’s the thing, the Bandai site is good and all that, but the others are kinda… none. There’s nothing that really appeals to me. The Gundam stall is “overrun” by Takashimaya that of course, holds Takashimaya style pricing (20% sale after they top up the price in the first place). The good news is, for those of you who is a fans of the vinyl line of kamen rider, they’re putting it on sale for 5SGD only.

00: Plus there’s this limited editions vinyl toys like Shin Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider ZX.

Me: Ah, yes. After all the flare in Bandai, there’s actually nothing interests me at all.

00: Here’s what happened, the point of coming to AFA, asides from looking for a good deal to buy some new plamo kit, is to actually hear news about new anime which is coming out. The only new anime that we heard was Gundam Unicorn and Freedom Formula. How about the rest then? None.  Not even the slightest news about such new anime like Needless, Nyaan Koi, Bakemonogatari, or even Kamen Rider W and no news at all on any of the Sentai.

Me: Which to us is kinda weird. This year’s AFA focus more on moe-blob anime, cosplay, and the infamous Moe moe kyun café which doesn’t interest me at all. And while we’re on that topic, how come I see some dude taking pictures using their own camera just because they know some of the maid? So, if you know each other, you can break the rule, eh?

00: Yeah, if only Tieria agrees to be one of the maid…

Me: Euh… that’s kinda different.

00: Oh, so no chance of me knowing anyone then…

Me: Sort of…. Well, here’s my overall pointers, if you’re into cosplay, moe-blob, maids, and Gundam, please do visit AFA 2009, they’re the place for you. As for me, I’m only into the Gundam and a few of the cosplayer. I mean, the only moe anime that I watch is only K-on and that’s because I used to be in a band, so I know how crappy it is to build a band from scratch. Hahaha. Other than that, I’ll stick to 3D, thank you. My haul from AFA 2009? Squat. I didn’t get anything from it, probably due to the number of bloggers, or due to the amount of American style comics, I actually thinks that STGCC kinda pwned AFA this year. (on the side note, I actually met Dennis there, hahaha, getting anything, man?) And yes, I just lost my 15SGD to go inside and shoved by those retards with huge arse camera. My advice to all that bring huge cameras there, LOOK TO YOUR F*CK*N SURROUNDING, DIMWIT. JUST BECAUSE YOUR CAMERA COST MORE THAN MY SALARY DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN STEP ON MY TOE, BRUSH MY SHOULDER, THEN STARE AT ME LIKE BRAINLESS SEAWEED! AND MOVE YOUR ARSE AFTER TAKING PICTURE, JUST BECAUSE YOUR CAMERA IS HUGE DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN BLOCK THE VIEW OF OTHERS.

Yep, they do irritate me that much. You don’t like it, suck it up. There’s a norm out there and this world revolves around it to make a great society. Well, here’s a few pointer from me…

If you’re there:

  • Check on the Bandai stall, they’re super cool.
  • There’s a lot of cosplayer, starting from Naruto to some whatshisface anime.
  • Swords and guns are for sale! The one permitted by the SPF, of course, not to worry.
  • Moe blobs and the merchandises… including those freaky cards with the little girls pictures on it.

Things to avoid:

  • Irresponsible kids with huge camera.
  • Stupid passerby that thinks in front of camera is the best path and they think that they’re photogenic, where they’re actually crapogenic.
  • Breaking the rules in the maid café, unless you knew some of them actually, cos rules are made for public and that excludes friends.
  • Cosplayer with huge props. I got my nose pocked by Nimwit and Dimwit’s keyboard from Vocaloid after I bought my ticket, no words from them. (you know, the wunder blond twins that can sing like two little girls?)

And that’s all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to go to the electronic fair next hall, I hear they sell TV for a really good price. Ciao.

Side note: The electronics fair really do sells TVs for a very good price. I bought one. A 2 SGD ice cream, I mean, not the TV. Haha.

Model Kit Review: RX-78-2 30th Anniversary SP

I’m fine, 00, thanks, and I hope the readers as well ^_^ Oh, and I see you bring RX-78-2 G30 with you. Lemme give a brief intro then.

That kit is HGUC RX-78-2 30th Anniversary special, and was released to celebrate the opening of 1/1 Gundam statue in Tokyo a few months back. This kit was made exactly like the statue including some lining here and there on the body frame to show that this is the exact replica.

Aside from the weapons that you can get if you purchase the first release of RX78, they also add Gundam’s famous morning star. All that’s left now is the beam javelin, eh? However they do not give any beam saber effect. The beam saber effect that you see in the photo was taken from 0 Gundam.

Action articulation wise, the movement of the joints are good, not as agile as 00 gundam or 0 gundam but the mobility is still there. So, you can still get the feel of RX78 as an agile close combat mobile suit.

Yes, we kinda get the idea there, 00. Oh, one note, the beam saber and hilt is from 0 Gundam, I kinda snatched it, coz I put them nearby anyway, hahaha.

Now, let’s compare between the first generation and G30:

Just hold still… So you can see the design comparison between the 2. Somehow I feel that G30’s face looks more like the anime, whaddaya think guys?

The thruster design looks more like Nu Gundam’s thruster in a simplified form, btw. (and my friend pointed out it looks like Hazel Gundam as well… not so sure about this, tho~ )

Okay, okay, stop bickering… why don’t you show us your morning star, G30.

Yes, the chain is a real chain. (for those of you who’s wondering… ^_^ )


C ya, G30! Well, anyway, that’s all for this review. Overall, the kit is an enjoyable HGUC to start with. And FYI, I start my HGUC with RX78-2 a few years back ^^ One thing you want to take into consideration is the lining process. I did it wrongly using pencil instead of gundam marker. And the flash is not helping either -_-;;

Oh, btw, please give an input on the photo result. I was playing with the light in my room… ok, I just changed the light bulb 😀 So, flash (this post) or no flash (previous photo)? That is the question ^^


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